Mission Aid Brazil aims to provide Christian relief and development aid to needy people in Brazil, focusing especially on those within the household of faith, to support the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ and in coordination with the Mission Board Maranatha, the local Brazilian Reformed Churches and the Canadian Reformed missionaries in Brazil.

Recognizing that Brazil is a land of diverse circumstances and opportunities, Mission Aid seeks to work with the Brazilians in supporting the spread of the gospel in practical ways so that the kingdom of God is built up in a unified way. Mission Aid focuses its aid especially on education as the key to helping Brazilians help each other. The goal is to help the family of faith in Brazil to mature toward self-sufficiency so that as a federation they may be able to provide for their own members. Mission Aid receives financial support through donations given through the deacons and by individuals, usually within the Canadian Reformed Church and sets our budget to work within the funds received.


  • To aid in the practical aspects of ministering to those who have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and seek to live in obedience to Him.
  • To provide support and resources for the development and maintenance of Christian day schools and/or Christian students.
  • To guide and financially assist (in the form of bursaries) those requiring further training and post-secondary studies so that they may be able to find jobs and support their families, churches and schools.
  • To develop and manage projects to improve household incomes.
  • To develop and provide support for programs that reach out to the most vulnerable segments of society with hope and the gospel.
  • To work with deacons in local Brazilian churches to ensure that the basic needs of church members are met.
  • To provide resources, human or otherwise, to believers in Brazil to aid them with the goals above.
  • To carefully consider funding requests from the Brazilian Reformed Church and actively pursue funding for those that are urgent and necessary.
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